Canadian Post-Secondary Chess Championship


Great Hall, Hart House, University of Toronto

It all begins!

Carleton A with Alexandr Tuxanidy Torres, Zixiao Han, Anton Georgiev & Dan Thompson vs Toronto A with Geordie Derraugh on board 1.

Carleton B with Randika Balasooriya vs Queens C with Eoin O'Dwyer.

Aerial view of Guelph A with Michael von Keitz, Rob Clark & Michael Zaghi, vs Toronto A with Haizhou Xu & David Krupka.

Guelph A with Christian Stevens, Michael Zaghi, Rob Clark & Michael von Keitz, vs Toronto B with Rob Roller, Martin Chang, Robert Kleinman & Benjamin Davidson.

Guelph B with Paul Stephens on board 2, vs Western A with Steele Roddick, Alex Young, Michael Chiaramonte & Billy Xian

McMaster on its way to outplay Toronto D on the 2nd table.

All games under way, with several keen spectators.

Ottawa A with Minhea Voloaca, Jason Riordon & Kar-Fai Gee, vs Toronto C with Leon Perelman, Travis Li & Siang Khor.

Aerial view: Ottawa A on the left with Minhea Voloaca, Jason Riordon & Kar-Fai Gee, vs Waterloo A with Kyle Morrison, Kevin Chung, Iulia Lacau-Rodean & Jeff Willms.

Closest table with Queens A on left - Daniel Abrahams, Tyler Longo, Jonathan Farine and Nick Gellner - vs Toronto C - Leon Perelman, Stuart Brammall, Travis Li and Siang Khor.
Second table with Carleton A vs Toronto B. Third table with Toronto D vs McMaster.

Key game between Queens B (facing us) with Tom Henbest, Luke Peristy & Herbert Fournier, vs Waterloo B.

It's never pretty on a Sunday morning. Toronto A with David Krupka, Haizhou Xu & Alex Ferreira, vs Waterloo A with Kevin Chung, Iulia Lacau-Rodean & Jeff Willms.

Highly suspicious activity: Toronto B vs Toronto C.
Toronto C on the left: Leon Perelman, Stuart Brammall & Travis Li. Toronto B on the right: Sina Makaremi, Martin Chang, Robert Kleinman & Benjamin Davidson.

Looking sharp: Toronto C with Stuart Brammall, Leon Perelman, Travis Li & Siang Khor.

Toronto E with Johnny Nguyen, Baran Serajelahi, Tony She & Dmitri Model, vs Western B with Justin McDonald, Jonathan To, Ali Khorsandi Taskoh & Patrick Ho.

Waterloo A with Kyle Morrison, Kevin Chung, Iulia Lacau-Rodean & Jeff Willms, vs Queens A with Daniel Abrahams, Tyler Longo & Jonathan Farine.

Waterloo B with Alfonso Cheng, Eric Cheung & (hidden) Wenzhangzhi Guo, vs McMaster with Ammar Khairullah, Daniel Coren & Neil Dattani.

Western B with Jonathan To on board 2, vs Toronto D with William George (board 1, right), Kevin Chen, Jacob & Alexander Safir.

Some fun stuff...

GM Bator Sambuev entertains the crowd in post-mortems. David Krupka (Toronto A), Alex Torres & Dan Thompson (Carleton A)

Sina Makaremi (Toronto B) plays a tune, while Alex Torres (Carleton A) & Frank Dixon (Queens) discuss over lunch at the skittles room.
Alex Torres showed some piano skills as well on a couple of occasions. At the board, Christian Stevens (Guelph A) & Jacob (Toronto D) analyze.

The winners!

Taking Bronze in the reserves section: Toronto D with Colin Cuttress, Kevin Chen, Alex Safir, Jacob & William George, with TD Bryan Lamb.

Silver in reserves section: Guelph B with Romeo Agda, Kevin Fernandes & Paul Stephens. 4th team member is Christopher Risi.

Gold! Accepting the medals and trophy on behalf of Waterloo B who had to leave before it all ended, Waterloo A reps Kyle Morrison, Kevin Chung & Jeff Willms.
Waterloo B team members are: Alfonso Cheng, James Scott, Eric Cheung & Wenzhangzhi Guo.

Waterloo A won Bronze in the championship section. Missing in the above picture is team member Iulia Lacau-Rodean.

Taking Silver on tie-breaks is Ottawa A: Kar-Fai Gee, Jason Riordon, Minhea Voloaca & Danail Donev.

Champions! Toronto A with Geordie Derraugh, Alex Ferreira & David Krupka, with Tournament Director Bryan Lamb.
Missing in photo: Haizhou Xu, Digeng Du & Bindi Cheng.

And a farewell to an awesome event!