Hart House Chess Tournament

Access / Maps


Dashed lines around Hart House Circle, King's College Circle & on Tower Road are ideal parking places.
Parking also available along Hoskin Avenue.

Rates are: $7 flat rate for the evening after 4pm Mon-Fri. $7 flat rate all day either Sat or Sun, ending at 8am next morning.
Mon-Fri rates are $3 per half hour, will check into daily weekday flatrate.

A better and more detailed parking map in pdf format can be found here.
General campus map with all buildings, also includes parking. Parking is seen in orange.

Campus map also shows parking access/entrances. Access Tower Road parking from Hoskin Avenue. Hart House Circle & King's College Circle parking can be accessed from Wellesley Street (under the bridge, then turn right), or from College Street through King's College Road (paved).

Wheelchair Access from Tower Road, Hart House's West entrance. Elevator located on the main hallway.